Las Vegas, NV

I have visited this city twice and each time I have felt conflicted.

When you first step off the plane, Las Vegas seems to be glamorous, sexy and fun. This city comes to life at night. All the casinos on the strip light up in an array of colours and sparkles. The hotels all begin to spill out drunken partygoers (me included). This was such a spectacular thing to experience – the buzz of being in Vegas.

But after a while the glitz and glamour began to fade for me. I started to see Las Vegas as its own little world. There’s nowhere else in the world that operates the way Vegas does. Water has to be transported into the city to keep it alive.  There’s also nowhere else in the world where I’ve felt so uncomfortable and shaken and empty.

This is something I really cannot explain to you in words.

The pictures taken during my two trips don’t show the negative side of Vegas.

What do you think?

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