St Ives, UK

Yep its another Cornish post I’m afraid! And there’s plenty more to come!

It was in the city of St Ives that I really started to realised why so many artists (+ people in general) end up navigating themselves towards the coast. Not only is it beautiful, and inspiring for art, but there’s also something so freeing about being surrounded by the sea. I found the more time you spend by the sea, you begin to develop a better perspective over your own worries. You have no control over the sea whatsoever, it is completely wild, and in some ways that is comforting. It makes you realise that you are small in comparison to the rest of the world and that the natural things in life continue despite your own personal worries.

Enjoy these few pictures, and actually go visit the coast folks – everyone needs a bit of sea air in them from time to time!



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