Pick Me Up, RHUL

Hello folks!

I hope everyone is coping with the lockdown and the heat! (I am melting as I write this)

I’ve been having a sort through all of my old performance work and came across Pick Me Up from back in 2014! How time flies…

Pick Me Up was a project I instigated with my then performance company Jump the Puddle. The idea for the project was to send out scrapbooks around the world for people to fill with art, reflection and ideas of love. The books continue to travel around the world.

We tracked all five books on a twitter page @PICKMEUPproject. Some of the books ended up in far away places like Hawaii and Japan. Others circled around communities in Cardiff and London.

I wonder where the books are now after all this time. As life got busier, I forgot about Pick Me Up. There’s a small part of me that hopes people are passing on the books and sharing love. We need love more than ever right now.

This was my first attempt at experimenting with social media, art within public spaces and public engagement. Needless to say my practice has grown and changed a lot since then, but Pick Me Up will always have a soft spot in my heart.

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