Summer 2019 Pt. 2, M+S

These past couple of weeks have been a busy time at M+S. Not only have we launched summer 2, but there have been many campaigns that we have had to get ready for. Some of these campaigns have included: bra fit event, fathers day + back to school.

Here are some photos of what I have been up to so far in summer 2.

Expect more to come!

Alec, 2019

Over the past year or so I’ve been lucky enough to spend a lot of my free time with this ‘beany’. So lots of pictures from our various different adventures have his face in them…

As always advice and constructive criticism would be much appreciated.

The Lizard, UK (Pt.1)

Yep, we’re back in Cornwall again (#sorrynotsorry).

Like many places in Cornwall, the Lizard is absolutely stunning! Both times Alec and I visited the sun was shining and the views were PERFECT! We even got to see seals sunbathing on the rocks.

Here are the first few photos from our first trip down to the Lizard.

There will be more to come, just you wait!

Flower power, Pt.1

So here’s a little break from bombarding you all with pictures from Cornwall. Bring on some flower power instead!

Since being diagnosed with PTSD I’ve found that taking walks in the countryside has really helped my low moods and anxiety. I’m not sure why. Maybe it allows my mind to have some calmness and proper perspective. Who knows. But I’m grateful it helps even a little bit.

Here are some pictures I took whilst exploring the plants in and around the Eden Project. There were so many tropical plants to look at and appreciate so I took way too many photos (hence the pt.1 of this blog)!

So here are the first bunch of flowers (pun not intended). Enjoy!



Eden Project, UK

This was one of my favourite places we explored during our visit to Cornwall. On first looks the Eden Project might just seem like massive domes with random plants inside, but to me it is so much more interesting than just that!

I took so many pictures of various different exotic plants that I’m going to have to edit separately and give them their own blog post…

For now here are some pictures of the domes from the outside and the inside. Enjoy!

Porthleven, UK

We visited this little seaside town twice on our trip to Cornwall + both times we ended up with typically British dark grey skies (not so great for taking photos).

Here are a few that I managed to edit into a semi-ok state! I’m still getting used to adjusting camera settings to deal with less light + I’m also still working on my editing.

These photos from Porthleven weren’t my finest hour, so advice from you professionals out there would be appreciated!

St Ives, UK

Yep its another Cornish post I’m afraid! And there’s plenty more to come!

It was in the city of St Ives that I really started to realised why so many artists (+ people in general) end up navigating themselves towards the coast. Not only is it beautiful, and inspiring for art, but there’s also something so freeing about being surrounded by the sea. I found the more time you spend by the sea, you begin to develop a better perspective over your own worries. You have no control over the sea whatsoever, it is completely wild, and in some ways that is comforting. It makes you realise that you are small in comparison to the rest of the world and that the natural things in life continue despite your own personal worries.

Enjoy these few pictures, and actually go visit the coast folks – everyone needs a bit of sea air in them from time to time!



Mount St Michael, UK

… Not to be confused with the French Mount St Michelle, Mount St Michael is the UK’s (slightly smaller) version!

This secluded little mount, just off the Cornish shore, was the perfect place for me to practice taking some pictures.

The castle is actually still someone’s home which I still can’t quite believe. Despite the fact you can easily walk across to the mount when the water is out, I can imagine living in the castle to be quite an isolated and lonely experience.

Definitely worth a visit if you’re in Cornwall – even if you don’t pay to get into the castle, the views from the mount are pretty special!


Lands End, UK

So I’ve finally been able to have a look through all of my photos from Cornwall + I’ve been really disappointed! Lots of the photos are blurry and so the pictures don’t show the magic of the coastal landscape. Its left me thinking about the fragility of our natural landscape and how it isn’t easy to capture it in all its beauty. Needless to say I need a lot more practice…

Here are a few photos that came out ok from Lands End, the most westerly point of the UK. The surroundings literally and metaphorically blew me away; it was really windy but also the landscape was stunning!