Canada Water, UK

This photo series extends on from my last post so think loneliness, performance, cities, projections etc.

I spent a day exploring corporate London, an area of the city which I felt completely lost + isolated in – a very lonely place to be. Just after I took these photos a security guard ran over to me + asked what I was doing… Obviously not a lot of people take pictures of these skyscrapers + office blocks!

Barbican, UK

I’ve been searching through all the photos I’ve taken since I got my camera… THERE ARE A LOT! There are also a lot of ones that I’ve forgotten about or just ignored and I think it’s time I shared them with you.

The next couple of posts are going to be from when I was in my third year of uni. For my final year project a group of us were creating a performance looking at the state of loneliness. We experimented with projection work + photography (hence these photos of the city).

I miss working with projection + performance so watch this space folks…

Leavesden Studios, UK

My xmas present from Alec was a trip around the Harry Potter studios!!!!

Needless to stay I was buzzing, and i even got to take some funky photos making use of some of the smoke + lighting at the studios.

Definitely worth the money even if you aren’t a Harry Potter fan (the set + props + effects are super interesting)!

Summer 2019 Pt.3, M&S

Transitional launch is coming up soon + our summer sale has already started so I thought I should load up the last few pictures from Summer…

Here are my kid mannequins serving some Boho + back 2 school realness. Let me know what you guys think.

On another thought do you guys like me posting my VM portfolio here or would you prefer more of my photography? Give me a shout and let me know.

Alfaix, SP

Take me back to Spain please! I miss the sun, the vibrant colours, the mountainous landscape,  exotic flowers + beautiful architecture.

I’ve spent a week lounging by a pool so not a lot of photos were taken. But here are a few to tickle your taste buds.

In other news I’m thinking of trying to find a photography course so I can improve my skills (particularly in photoshop). If anyone knows of any, please get in contact!

Thanks folks!

Porthcurno, UK

This is the last blog post I’m going to be doing on Cornwall (until my next visit)!

Porthcurno was one of my favourite seaside villages we visited on our trip. We made a quick stop before making our way home + I’m so glad we did. Not only did we grab some YUMMY pasties (v. important), but I was able to take some lovely photos whilst exploring this village.

Porthcurno feels like its a little hobbit village from Lord of the Rings located in the middle of nowhere. You go over hills and through woodlands till you finally hit the village and the sea. That was my favourite part of this place – it was surrounded by nature.

As the day went on, the busier Porthcurno became with tourists + you can understand why – it really is a beautiful place!

The Lizard, UK (pt. 2)

I took so many pictures when we visited The Lizard. So here is the second instalment!

Editing these has made me long to be back in the sun + by the sea again. Maybe I should just move down to the coast + forget about all my worries…

Hope you enjoy looking at these sunny photos, and maybe they’ll inspire you to go visit beautiful Cornwall.

Geevor, UK

Sorry for the late post guys – life gets busy sometimes.

I’m still editing through the last few photos of my Cornwall ‘series’. Next stop another mine… Geevor.

Industrial sites like this mine in Cornwall can be surprisingly beautiful! Whenever I take photos of these kinds of places I always find unexpected flashes of bright colours, detailed patterns + interesting shapes.

Is it weird that whenever I take photos of buildings, sites or landscapes I always start to think about the history of the place and the kind of stories that have inhabited that place? Maybe something to think about when you look through these photos I’ve taken of Geevor…

Abandoned mine, UK

So I can’t actually remember where we found this beauty on our travels in Cornwall. I believe it was somewhere between Penzance and St. Ives on a one track road. After seeing the mine in the distance, we just stopped off and explored.

The building itself was made in the late 1800s so it is deteriorating and completely over grown with wild plants.

I love taking pictures of abandoned buildings as it brings up so many unanswered (and often unanswerable) questions. It makes me curious as to what the building looked and felt like in its prime, in this case during the 1800s + 1900s.

Most of the pictures I took of this small mine don’t do it justice. But here are a few I wanted to share.