Bath, UK

I hadn’t been to Bath since I was a little girl, so when my friend decided to get married near Bath I jumped at the chance to pack my bags for the weekend and explore this historical city.

There is so much to love about Bath: the architecture, the buzz of the city as well as the surrounding countryside. I can understand why so many people have written about this beautiful city.

Here is a sneak peak of some of the photos I took during that weekend. More can be found on my Eyeem and Shutterstock accounts.

Autumn/Winter 2018, M&S

I have just started a job as a Visual Stylist for Marks & Spencer, Guildford. My role involves creating window displays, table displays as well as mannequin displays. I am in charge of looking after the kids and lingerie departments.

As I am new to this role I am only just beginning to document my work. Any advice you guys might have would be great!

I love what I’m doing so I thought I’d share a few photos of the work i’ve done so far.


Las Vegas, NV

I have visited this city twice and each time I have felt conflicted.

When you first step off the plane, Las Vegas seems to be glamorous, sexy and fun. This city comes to life at night. All the casinos on the strip light up in an array of colours and sparkles. The hotels all begin to spill out drunken partygoers (me included). This was such a spectacular thing to experience – the buzz of being in Vegas.

But after a while the glitz and glamour began to fade for me. I started to see Las Vegas as its own little world. There’s nowhere else in the world that operates the way Vegas does. Water has to be transported into the city to keep it alive.  There’s also nowhere else in the world where I’ve felt so uncomfortable and shaken and empty.

This is something I really cannot explain to you in words.

The pictures taken during my two trips don’t show the negative side of Vegas.

What do you think?

Crete, GR

Last Summer I had the pleasure of attending my oldest cousin’s wedding in Crete. It was definitely a trip I will cherish for a very long time (despite the fact I was suffering from tonsillitis the whole time we were there)!

Throughout the trip I tried to capture the simple but beautiful lifestyle Crete has to offer.

Here are just a few of the photos I took during our long trip away.

For more be sure to check out my Eyeem and Shutterstock accounts!


Birmingham, UK

Birmingham has been given a bad rep. FACT. So when Alec decided we’d go on a Valentine’s trip up to the city for a romantic weekend away, most people thought we were mad…

Here are just a couple of photos to prove there is so much more to Birmingham than everyone might think. Beautiful surrounding countryside, friendly people and city vibes all culminate to make this city into what it is today – a sprawling, growing Brimingham.

So lets cut this Northern city some slack!

Sheffield, UK

Three young undergraduate students proposed to make a site-specific performance about the collapse of the steel industry. An exploration into Sheffield’s history, factories and communities began.

Sheffield is still recovering from Thatcherism, the decline of the steel industry and current economic instability in the world. This became particularly obvious when exploring the city’s abandoned industrial parks.

These pictures were taking a couple of years ago now. I need to re-visit Sheffield, talk to its lovely people and make an Ode to Steel.

Remember to click on the photos to see more!




Detroit, MI

It’s Detroit against the world.

This deteriorating city has had its fair share of ups and downs. But the people are strong and are always ready to fight.

The history of this city will never be ignored.

I didn’t take many pictures from my visit; the shear extend of economic and political disaster has already been photographed enough.

I need to go back to see how, with time, Detroit will change.

Change is inevitable.

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From cities to mountains, JPN

Japan is filled with bright colours and beautiful traditions. The pictures I took do not do justice to how special this country really is.

If you’re curious then you should go visit as this is the only way to truly experience the wonderful people, culture and colours of this country!

More pictures are on their way…

Till then, feel free to download these pictures from my Eyeem account.

I also wrote a little article about my time in Japan on World Away if you want to find out more about my travels.




Mother Nature, PT 1

My love of photography started with nature.

There is something so calming and therapeutic about walking among the fields and trees, capturing those one off moments when the sunlight hits the landscape ‘just right’.

Our natural landscape is constantly in flux. I will never get bored of it – hence why mother nature is my favourite thing to photograph.

These images can be found on my Eyeem and shutterstock accounts.

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